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Go solar save polar
Solar panels are awesome, all the cool kids have them
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go aussie go!
receive up to $1.888 in government subsidy and $1,888 on Interest free loan for 4 years
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save hundreds of dollars on your electrical bill
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a productive step
in our carbon footprint reduction
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Low Maintenance
solar panels only need to be maintained once per year at most
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1 in 5 houses are solar
Solar properties increase in value and are perfect for those who rent
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Free Consultancy
We help you make the right choice in solar panels
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Top Quality products
The products we recommend have better output, and need less maintenance
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Peace of mind
We offer a 5 year installation & workmanship warranty
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About Us

Auspro Group are your local solar energy specialist who will provide you with an obligation free consultation on the best choice of solar PV systems within your budget for your commercial environment and residential dwelling.

We are passionate about reducing our carbon footprint by offering complete turnkey solution and our case studies prove the work we have done in the past has positively impacted our clients and benefited our environment.

Our efforts will continue to ensure we leave a great legacy and a better future for generations to come.

We have the required industry knowledge and experience and all our Solar PV system installations are carried out by Clean Energy Council (CEC) approved electricians who will guarantee top quality installation and workmanship with warranties.

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In Australia 1 in 5 houses have Solar PV systems installed. Studies show 77% of Australians believe properties with Solar panels are more expensive and 55% say they would pay more for residential properties with solar panels installed.

So whether your property is on rent, for sale, or your own dwelling, installing solar panels is an awesome solution for cutting back on rising electrical costs, effectively managing your electrical consumption, increasing your property value and more importantly gives you peace of mind that you are in control.

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Small to large businesses are capitalizing on Solar and saving thousands of dollars on their energy bills as commercial properties have a larger roof space to install additional solar panels. With the energy they harvest from Solar coupled with battery back up businesses ultimately reduce their energy bills significantly and apart from the huge savings, businesses gain respect as a promoter of going green by using renewable energy.

Everyone knows going green is a one way ticket to swaggerland!

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Amazing service with timely installation...And I must say post installation no problem!


I would not hesitate to recommend Auspro for anything solar related as I found them to be exceptionally professional and courteous.


Auspro is extremely punctual, and easy to deal with. We are happy with the service.



Renewable energy which reduces greenhouses gases.
Increase your property value.
Maximize consumption of your own power.
Little to no maintenance once installed.
Stop worrying about sky rocketing power prices.
Monitor and improve your lifestyle with solar power.
Generous Government Solar incentives.
Become energy independent with
Solar Battery storage.

Our Process


Call or email us to arrange a date and time with one of our friendly staff


Site Assessment

Our experienced staff will visit your residence or business and provide you with the best advise for free.



A quote based on your requirement will be forwarded to you for your review and approval



Once Solar VIC confirms your eligibility. We will arrange a date and time for a CEC approved electrician to visit and install your Solar PV system.