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Find out about Solar energy, how it benefits you, and everyone around you.

What is Solar?

You know that big yellow thing that you see in the sky? The sun. Yeah that thing. Yeah well that’s where solar energy comes from. The suns beams which light up our planet are actually a source of energy called photons.

How it works?

How it works?

01. Solar Panels

Solar Panels capture sunlight and convert it into direct current.

02. Solar Inverter

The Solar Inverter converts direct current into alternating current (electricity).

03. Solar Battery (Optional)

The Solar Battery functions like a USB stick as it captures your excess energy and saves it rather than sending it back into the grid.

04. Digital Meter

The digital metre tracks your energy usage.

05. Power Grid

The excess energy generated by your Solar PV System goes back to the power grid which gives you credit and reduces your bill.

The Science.

A solar panel has multiple layers designed inside of it to create an electric charge. It works sort of like a magnet specifically for the sun.

‍The top layer which is made out of silicon will have phosphorus mixed into it which creates more electrons. The top layer is the negative charge.

‍The bottom layer will contain boron to produce fewer electrons. Which in turn gives it the positive charge. When the beam of the sun hits your Solar panels it knocks the electrons from the atoms which generates an electrical charge. This electrical charge is transferred through wires into your inverter which lights up your residential or commercial space.

Why Choose Solar?

Apart from the urgent need to tackle our carbon footprint reduction, solar panels are very easy to install nowadays. With the government rebate incentive it would be crazy not to buy it now. Within a few years you can expect to get back the money you paid in investments through your energy bills. This means that throughout your life time you would be saving thousands of dollars, which you could use for other things like going on a nice family holiday.

Solar Energy Benefits

Renewable energy which reduces greenhouses gases.
Increase your property value.
Maximize consumption of your own power.
Little to no maintenance once installed.
Stop worrying about sky rocketing power prices.
Monitor and improve your lifestyle with solar power.
Generous Government Solar incentives.
Become energy independent with
Solar Battery storage.

Clean Energy Council(CEC)

The clean energy council is the peak body for clean energy within Australia. They work with and represent 700 leading business operating in and supporting the development of renewable energy in Australia. By installing Solar panels in your commercial business, you can become a member who has access to benefits such as latest industry updates and networking opportunities. As the leader CEC provide the top qualified electricians to carry out installations of products which align with their vision which is to make Australia powered by clean energy.