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Australians have said they would pay more for houses which have solar panels. Find out why.

Residential Solar Panels

In Australia 1 in 5 houses have Solar PV systems installed. Studies show 77% of Australians believe properties with Solar panels are more expensive and 55% say they would pay more for residential properties with solar panels installed.

So whether your property is on rent, for sale, or your owned dwelling, installing solar panels is an awesome solution for cutting back on rising electrical costs, effectively managing your electrical consumption, increasing your property value and more importantly gives you peace of mind that you are in control.

Average Australian household with solar panels installed can prevent between 1.75 - 2.05 tonnes of carbon dioxide going into the atmosphere per year!

Why Choose Us?

Understanding and finding out which solar PV system is right for your needs can be difficult,and there are plenty of options to choose from. That’s why our experienced staff will take you through every detail you need to know about installing solar panels for your property. Like:

  • Your roof compatibility
  • Orientation of your solar panels
  • How much energy a solar panel will produce
  • Suitable system within your needs and budget
  • Solar panels longevity
  • Solar battery options
  • Federal and state solar incentives

What We Offer?

  •  Premium quality products only
  • We provide CEC approved Tier 1 solar panels only
  • Quality Installation
  • Our Installers are CEC accredited and fully insured
  • Post installation service
  • We offer after sales services as well

How Much Will You Save?

Based on a typical household, you can save up to $890 per year on your electricity bills.

The Solar Homes Program assists eligible Victorian households by providing a rebate of up to $1,888 for owner occupied properties.

In addition to the existing rebate, interest-free loan can be applied up to an amount of $1,888. This loan amount is required to be repaid over four years.


How Solar Rebates & Loans Work

Example of how the rebate and loan works with Tier 1 Solar PV systems installed:

Item Description
  • Cost of system and installation
  • VIC rebate (paid directly to the solar retailer via the Solar Victoria Portal)
  • Interest free loan amount (Paid to the solar provider. Loan amount to be re-paid by the householder over 4 years)
  • Up-front cost to householder
Indicative Cost

Standard model – 5kW

Standard model – 6.6kW






* Prices are for illustration purposes only. It does not factor other variables such as double storey and installation accessories

Depending on the size of the solar PV system installed and based on a typical household, you can save up to $890 per year on electricity bills. Most households may be able to recover their solar investment within 4 years period.


Solar Panel Options

Pick your choice of solar PV System

  • 5kW
  • 6.6kW
  • 7kW
  • 10kW


We provide highly efficient CEC approved Tier 1 panels.

We provide the best and highly efficient CEC approved inverters.

Our brands are Trusted and Reputed.

Affordable pricing with best value for investment.

Local Australian support.


We have teamed up with Brighte to make solar, battery and home improvements available to all Aussies.

0% Interest Payment Plan

Buy today and pay back over 6 months to 5 years

Plans* are available up to $30,000 for homeowners and $38,000 for small business owners.

Green Loan

Spread the cost over a longer period with terms from 2 to 7 years

A 7.99% p.a fixed interest rate. Loans^ available up to $30,000 for homeowners.

Need financial help and advice? Contact us to get started.
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Amazing service with timely installation...And I must say post installation no problem!


I would not hesitate to recommend Auspro for anything solar related as I found them to be exceptionally professional and courteous.


Auspro is extremely punctual, and easy to deal with. We are happy with the service.