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What are the benefits for commercial Solar Panels? Businesses are saving bucket fulls of cash, find out why.

Commercial Solar Panels

The threat of rising electricity price poses significant challenges for Australian businesses. Any organisation, whether owner occupied or tenanted, can benefit from solar energy.

Small to large businesses are capitalizing on Solar and saving thousands of dollars on their energy bills as commercial properties have a larger roof space to install additional solar panels. With the energy they harvest from Solar coupled with a battery backup, businesses ultimately reduce their energy bills significantly and apart from the huge savings, businesses gain respect as a promoter of going green by using renewable energy.

Our team of expert consultants can assist your organisation with the benefits of solar. We provide high quality and hassle-free approach with various premium solar options best suited for businesses that utilise electricity 24/7.

We offer a consultative-based, end-to-end service and pride ourselves on providing tailored solutions, quality products to best suit your business needs.

It makes more than 'cents' for businesses to go solar!

When you install a solar panel system you become part of CEC which is the Clean Energy council. Apart from gaining major respect from your consumer you will also gain access to other CEC Members which can result in Networking for your business. CEC has over 700 Industry leaders as their current members which are within various different industries.

Environment friendly

Businesses with solar panels deliver a visible commitment to sustainability and a strong environmental statement.


Commercial properties with solar panels installed increases the value of the property and the business.


Quality Solar PV Systems from leading manufactors like; LG, Winaico, SunPower, REC, QSells, Jinko, Trina and much more

Minimal maintenance

Our solar panels are backed with a 25-year performance warranty.

Power Bill

Installing solar panels allows great energy independence which will reduce your rising electricity costs that takes up a significat portion of the operating cost in your business.

Why Choose Us?

We are your local solar specialist who will provide your business with an obligation free consultation on the best choice of solar PV systems within your budget for your commercial environment.

What We Offer?

We offer you a chance to join us in our mission to reduce our carbon footprint Australia wide at an afffortable, stress free solution which will save you money in the long run.

Payment Options

1. Cash

By paying cash, you will not have any interest rates.

2. Finance

Don't have the cash? Don't worry, we can get your financed through our partner; brighte.


We have teamed up with Brighte to make solar, battery and work improvements available to all Aussies companies.

0% Interest Payment Plan

Buy today and pay back over 6 months to 5 years

Plans* are available up to $30,000 for homeowners and $38,000 for small business owners.

Green Loan

Spread the cost over a longer period with terms from 2 to 7 years

A 7.99% p.a fixed interest rate. Loans^ available up to $30,000 for homeowners.

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